About Me

IMG_1658-3I’m Missy: wife to Mike for the last 20 years, mama to Mackenzie (14) and Mason (10) and pet mama to enough animals to qualify as a small zoo.

I love animals, my kids’ bed head in the morning and the spiciest food. I love nature, fresh air and the way the earth smells after a good rain. I’m an avid runner;it’s my therapy.  I love to laugh. I love to make laughter. Truly authentic and genuine people are my kind of people.

I love kids. Even before I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew it would involve working with kids. Long before I had my own, I worked for 10 years in pediatric healthcare where I loved my patients and knew them all by name, I knew which Band-Aids they liked, and how tight to squeeze their arm during a blood pressure check.  Being a “kid person” helped me then and it helps me now. Once you win the kids over, the rest is cake! (and cake helps, too!)

What drives me to chase photography is knowing that photographs are a gift. The  quick second when a shutter closes, an image is saved–something that will be treasured for generations. I imagine my families’ grandchildren scouring photos, finding familiar features or expressions in faces of their grandparents, aunts, or uncles. To me, this responsibility is heavy and thrilling and I assure you, it is truly my honor to be your photographer.